No Win No Fee


Everyone should have a Will.  A Will helps to ensure that when you die your family’s needs are met according to your wishes.

A Will can be designed to include a range of requests including:

•    Deciding how your estate will be divided between family, friends and charities
•    Providing for children from a previous relationship
•    Providing for children with special needs
•    Excluding immediate family
•    Indicating your preference of guardianship for your children

If you die without a Will your estate is divided according to the law and you will have no say in how your estate is distributed.  As such there is no guarantee that your loved ones will receive what you may have intended them to receive.

Your Will should reflect your current circumstances and intentions.  As with many things circumstances and intentions change.  If one of the following has occurred it may be a good time to review your current Will:

•    Marriage, separation or divorce, or entering into a new relationship
•    Birth or death of children, grandchildren or other close relatives
•    Other changes in your family circumstances
•    Significant changes to the value of your assets
•    Retirement from full-time employment

The above is not intended as legal advice but as a guide to help you understand the importance of having a Will. For any legal advice regarding your Will you should seek the advice of our solicitor.

No Win No Fee

At Splatt Lawyers we acknowledge that many injured people become financially distressed as a result of an injury and may not be able to afford the up-front costs involved in running a claim for personal injuries.

We work on a No Win No Fee Basis, we will agree to act on a speculative basis after a careful assessment of the facts and circumstances of your case. To act on a speculative basis means that we undertake not to render an account for our professional costs unless and until the matter is successfully concluded in your favour.

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